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[Tiny Spider: Terrifying, Giant Horsefly: Let me at it!]

[See someone wearing knee-high boots. Automatically assume they are on their way to the barn]

[Horse grows giant fluffy winter coat. Rolls. Coats every single hair in mud and manure.]

[You can’t afford a pair of boots that keeps your feet dry. Horse gets four new shoes with studs so he won’t slip.]

[Horse is too furry for a saddle. “Oh well, I’ll just ride bareback!”]

[All the things on your holiday wishlist are actually for your horse.]

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[Text: Horse is snuggly warm in his new blanket. Horse’s friends help him remove blanket and drag it around the pasture.]

[Text: Choose every winter hat, based on its potential to fit under a helmet.]

[Image: 8-piece alternating green and brown background with a yawning paint horse. Text reads:  Buy all the candy canes in the store. Take them all to the barn.]

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